Music School


The Playfull Harpist



Harp School is another part of activities at Maya Hasan Harp Center, wich teaches harp to every student who wants to play the harp. Who can join in this school? Anyone interested in trying to play the harp or find out more can join in this school, starting from 5 to 55 years. These classes are open to all student who either have never played the harp or who already have experience. Classes offered starting from Basic, Intermediate, Advance, wich each consists of several levels and different time period of studies. With a curriculum that has been properly prepared and adopted as an international standardizes curriculum each graduate is expected to be a able to play a harp.

Besides being a harpist both semi-profesional. Harp School in Maya Hasan Harp Center also offers pre-Harp Therapy course. In these each student will be taught techniques how use the harp as a therapeutic medium. Maya Hasan Harp School has graduated several student who currently have a good harpist who lived in Indonesia and several other countries: Netherland, Australia and France.

Student Exam & Recital Academic year 2014-2015